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Female Engineers,
What would it feel like to influence and inspire change in the engineering industry as you embody and align with your core values as a woman?
It's time to activate your soft power and move with ease and acceleration while releasing the striving, overworking, and overthinking that keeps you stuck and never reaching the level of success you desire.

Are you ready to...

  • Lean in without over-exerting or over-committing yourself?
  • Work smarter while being in alignment with who you are and honoring your deepest desires?
  • Find your place in industry so you are finally seen and heard?


Where female engineers gather to unlock their femininity and increase their impact & influence in Engineering.

“What an absolute pleasure and energy you brought to the event, I know I can recall from my earlier career - I would attempt to be like my male counterparts - it was exhausting. Considering I am high energy and my nominal is being bubbly, so I was beyond excited that your talk focused on leading with femininity - which I have found I now readily embrace. Also, realizing that showing up as my true self will allow me to focus on the task/problem at hand, enabling me to be(come) a better engineer/applied scientist.”

Cynthia Prieto-Diaz
BioTech Engineer and Consultant

“Guess who made $1000 in 24 hours from my eBook ‘Secure the InfoSec Bag: Six Figure Career Guide for Women in Information Security’ and got offered to keynote at Diana Initiative? Thank you Eryka for all your guidance and support!” 

Keirsten Brager

M. Sci, CISSP, Security Technology Lead

“I found out I am being promoted and will be receiving more money and possibly management responsibilities. I am a little scared to fail but I realize sometimes you have to feel the fear and do it anyway. Thank you so much for your guidance and I wish you continued success!” 

Sakinah Tanzil

Cybersecurity Engineer and Coach

“Eryka is an inspirational leader who will motivate you through your self-imposed struggles in today’s corporate workplace. Her instructional style will guide you through the steps of branding your talents and ensuring that you stay in control of your destiny. Success is yours for the taking!” 

Jelinda Gibson-Allen
Senior Operations Leader, The Dow Chemical Company

”Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your keynote. I’m looking forward to diving into your book. I coach too many talented women who play small! So anyone who has a deep-seated belief about supporting women to own their P.O.W.E.R. is someone I want to stay connected with.” 

Geraldine Carter
Life Coach at Mindfulness Coaching Works

“Eryka Johnson is a natural-born leader that utilizes her personal and professional experiences to help empower and enrich the lives of women all across the country. Eryka has been an inspiration to me and has provided much needed insight and advice related to challenges that I have had in both the workplace and at home. She utilizes a unique blend of corporate leadership, spiritual insight and straight-talk to help women realize and achieve their true potential. I recommend Eryka’s services whether for personal or professional growth.” 

Regina Davis
Refinery Manager, Strathcona Refinery, Imperial Oil

It’s finally your moment to Be Seen, Heard, and Recognized in the Engineering Industry 

Hi There, I'm Eryka!

And I’m passionate about building a community for female engineers who desire to remain in industry and yearn to show up differently - where she is respected and celebrated for her uniqueness.
Having mentored over 19,000 women leaders in London, Dubai, India, Canada, Silicon Valley, and the U.S, I understand the challenges women face globally to thrive and show up more authentically in technical industries.

I want to help you exist and take up space in Engineering. 

Let's get started!